Delicacies from nuts and seeds 




Butter.      Sugar.      Milk.     Flour.       E-substances.      Bulk or weight gainers.

The store-factory opened its doors to its customers on July 22, 2021. 

To offer alternative delicacies from pure, natural ingredients. 

Without synthetic additives, flavor enhancers or dyes. Just pure stuff! 

By combining nuts and seeds, from the flavors we already know, new flavors are discovered


The first prototype was created 7 years ago, when they were looking for a product that you can eat a small piece of and get a feeling of satiety for a longer time, without taking a bunch of "empty" calories that immediately go to your hips. 

This is how our first product, almond energy bites, was born!🤗

🍀ALL OUR PRODUCTS CONSISTS OF  2; 3 till 5 ingredients.

A part of our products consist of nuts, seeds and a drop of honey, but there are more and more products that do not contain a drop of honey. These products are diabetic, dieter and vegan friendly

Products suitable for fans of different ages and tastes; different daily rhythms. For athletes, students, office workers, new mothers, students and retirees, the busy pepole and the calm people, everyone who likes nuts and seeds! 

The treats have different degrees of softness and will be suitable from a baby who does not yet have teeth to a senior at a very respectable age. Everyone will find the most suitable taste and consistency for themselves! 

🍀 Come to our shop, taste everything and find your favorite 🍀


Enjoy the pure, natural flavors and compare them to the ones you already know. 

May you enjoy moments full of peace, energy and joy!